Welcome to the Ripley Arts Centre


The Ripley Poetry Prize 2017

To celebrate artist Steve Wright new work `Cars` at Ripley’s Gallery 9th May -16th June 2017, Bromley Art Council’s inaugural poetry competition is launched. Poems inspired by Steve’s art exhibition to be written on any of the following three themes:

The suspended moment

Anthropomorphism – the car as character

The force of gravity

Please submit your poem to enquiries@bromleyarts.com, with the subject heading ‘Poetry Competition’ and include your full name. The deadline for submission is Monday, 12th June 2017. Entry fee: £3 per poem. Please pay by cash or send a cheque payable to Bromley Arts Council to the Ripley Arts Centre or pay via BACs. Please contact the office for further details. tel. 0208 464 5816 

 Judges : Fellows of The Royal Society of Arts  

First prize £100 and Runner up prize £50.




Celebrating 50 years!

Bromley Arts Council was formed in 1965 to maintain, improve and develop the arts in Bromley. It owns and manages Ripley Arts Centre in Sundridge Avenue, Bromley, where the Arts Council is based.

 Set in a magnificent period property this venue is deep in history with an enviable record for hosting a variety of concerts and exhibitions.

At the rear of Ripley’s beautiful lawns rests our Sensory Garden; created with Millennium Lottery funding this garden is for the benefit of all our visitors, particularly those with disabilities.

Bromley Arts Council is a registered charity no. 249391.