17th April 2018 Irreplaceable (2016); Director: Thomas Lilti; Cert: 12; (subtitles)

Jean-Pierre (François Cluzet) is a middle-aged doctor firmly established in a rural area of France. He works very hard looking after his patients who value him for both his dedication and his unsentimental manner. When he is diagnosed with a brain tumour and has to undergo treatment himself, he finds it hard to take advice from others. He feels his status is threatened when he is told to take on another doctor to help him with his practice and Nathalie (Marianne Denicourt), who is just out of medical school, arrives to take on some of his work. She also reminds him of his illness which he would rather blot out as he confronts his own mortality. Their relationship is prickly and he is unkind to her. An inevitable clash between them follows.
This thoughtful and engrossing drama of French rural life in the 21st century also bristles with humour and moments of irony. The film was well received by critics, and François Cluzet was nominated for best actor at the César Awards for his convincing performance as the hard-pressed and troubled country doctor.