20th March 2018 Whisky Galore! (1949); Director: Alexander Mackendrick; Cert: PG

Based on real events during WWII and filmed on the island of Barra, this classic tale of anti-authoritarianism is about people on a Scottish island untouched by the war until they run out of whisky. In the inevitably gloomy atmosphere of this whisky drought Sergeant Odd (Bruce Seton) returns to the island and courts Peggy (Joan Greenwood), the daughter of the island’s shopkeeper Joseph Macroon (Wylie Watson), and Macroon’s other daughter gets engaged to meek and teetotal schoolteacher George Campbell (Gordon Jackson). Then, by a stroke of amazing luck, a ship carrying 50,000 cases of whisky is wrecked on a reef! The islanders conspire to keep the whisky, but Captain Paul Waggett (Basil Radford), the stuffy English commander of the Home Guard, wants to confiscate the precious liquid cargo. There enfolds a tussle with the islanders who show a dogged team spirit and engage in all kinds of subterfuge to hold on to ‘their’ whisky, including hiding it in the most unlikely places. Nominated for the BAFTA award for best British film in 1950, this satirical comedy was regarded by critics as the best and most representative film from the short-lived Ealing Studios. It was also unexpectedly popular in the United States where it was renamed ‘Tight Little Island’, and in France where it was retitled ‘Whisky à gogo’ and was said to have changed French drinking habits.