Ann Holdway: A retrospective collection of watercolours and Mosaics 8th November to 20th December 2016

Ann Holdway: A retrospective collection of watercolours and Mosaics
8th November to 20th December 2016
Open eve 8th November 7-9pm

The late Ann Holdway was an active member of the Bromley Arts community and enjoyed many years creating artwork and working with local artists in various projects including exhibiting their work. This Autumn 2016, her son, Jason Holdway has organised a retrospective exhibition which will include many of her watercolours and mosaic pieces for sale. Inspired by flowers and the colours of nature, her work is both sensitive and vibrant.

he late Ann Holdway was a creative and sensitive artist who enjoyed working with watercolour. Ann began her life as an artist after retirement and her main interest was watercolors. It was only later, when taking part in a painting summer school that she came across mosaics and started experimenting with her own ideas. When asked why she liked mosaic, she mused “Maybe it stems from liking jig saw puzzles as a child, the cutting of pieces and fitting them together.”

Her themes were influenced by her love of the ‘English garden’ and the colour and vibrancy of flowers in bloom throughout the seasons. She saw nature as her canvas and much of the work reflects her eye for the detail in flowers and trees. In her mosaic ‘Silver Birch’ she commented that “I gain a lot of pleasure out of painting tree trunks, inspired by the range of colours one can find in these works of nature.  I went for a subdued interpretation of silver birches in mosaic using ceramic tiles and stained glass.”

Ann’s involvement with the Bromley Arts Society began in 2001, when she was encouraged by Brenda Jackson from the Bromley Arts Society to join the Committee. Within a matter of months Ann found herself in the role of secretary and played an active role up until her death in 2011.

If you could summarise Ann’s attitude to art, then it would be ‘art is for everyone’. As she said in an interview with Bromley Art Society in 2008: “Art in its widest sense is relevant to everyone. To have pieces of art in your home that give you pleasure and raise your spirit is an essential part of life.”

We very much welcome family, friends, colleagues and fellow artists who knew and worked with Ann to come and enjoy her art work being exhibited at the Ripley Arts Centre from Tuesday 8 November for six weeks until 20 December 2016.
Facebook Page: Ann Holdway @annholdwayartist