Emily Brand: Skies 5th July to 11th August 2016

Main Gallery: Please ring to view 020 8464 5816
Emily Brand: Skies
5th July to 11th August 2016
Open Evening Tuesday 5th July 7-9pm

These paintings are painted in oils on stretched canvases.  Showing various images of skies, each work is painted by layering colour upon colour. To me they represent change and the idea that there are endless possibilities out there. As always I have emphasised colour for effect. Emily Brand

I work primarily in oil and acrylic paints and have always loved the way you can use the paint to create various effects; from using paint opaquely to transparent layering, allowing the colours below to shine through. Although over the years I have changed subject matter, I have always maintained an interest in the use of colour and light and find it amazing how one person can view a colour so differently from another, along with the fact that we have limited colour vision – what are we missing? In my works I manipulate colour for this reason, exaggerating it and transforming what I see. Part of what I love about painting and altering colour, is the ease at which an image can be changed from one moment to the next, how a different colour or use of light can dramatically change the way an image is perceived. My inspiration comes from the environment, what I’m doing and how I feel. I often work from photographs that I have taken.

I attended Goldsmiths university where I studied education, specialising in art. When I completed my degree I went into teaching and painted when I had the time. Unfortunately this became difficult with the pressures of the job and so I went part time after 8 years of teaching. Whilst teaching part time I took courses in life-drawing, painting, drawing and photography. After working part time for 5 years, I finally decided that I still needed more time to paint and therefore have recently given up teaching in order to pursue my love of painting.

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