Iveta Kasiliauskaite – Channelled Images: Up-cycled Paper Collages – 27th September to 4th November 2016

Iveta Kasiliauskaite –Channelled Images: Up-cycled Paper Collages
27th September to 4th November 2016
Open eve 4th October 7-9pm
Please ring to view 020 8464 5816

An artist who collages to inspire and teach spirituality of Universal Oneness and wisdom of heart and soul: “I use creativity and psychic connection with the Universe to be the voice of Mother Nature and bring awareness to spiritual awakening…”
Artist Statement:

The characteristics needed for mediumship are much like those needed by any strongly creative person because a creative process is a channelling process. As a spiritual seeker of enlightenment during my meditative state of being I also receive information from the Universe and multi-dimensional guides, which I later creatively present within my every art piece. Trusting intuition, receiving guidance from ethereal multidimensional beings and my Higher Self through exploration of my own inner-dimensional connectedness to the spiritual realms has become my daily reality. Philosophical visionary communication of inner wisdom and knowledge trough art is my gift to humanity of lost sacred knowledge to illuminate and remind about our strong ties between physical and spiritual life realities and our own divinity within.

Expressing sublime beauty and emotional intensity of awe and wonder within collaged art of surreal realism are far reaching clairvoyant expression of spiritually channeled visions and messages from my own search of truth. As an artist I highlight the importance of connectedness between Human, Nature and Universe. Clairvoyance is heavily laced throughout my work to translate and portray visions and messages. Many collages portray guides, wise teachers, self portraits, visits of inter-dimensional beings, memories of past lives, communicated spiritual messages, out of body and astro traveling experiences. I rely on the audiences imaginative engagement followed by hearts intuition and inborn intellect to study the symbolism inside my art and seek high point of reason, wisdom and spiritual awakening. My art is simply a tool to help people remember of their true identity and divinity by producing collages containing spiritual lessons, and what I believe spiritual truth.

I am a messenger to deliver a simple but most important lesson: we are One with Nature and Universe. It is a sacred connection that was never meant to drift apart. The understanding of this bond is being in unity of divine one. Spiritual fulfilment will come with understanding the universal law of oneness. This sacred trinity between body, spirit and soul are interconnected and linked by energy of love and laced with music of a soul in all of our existences and lives. The most beautiful thing is knowing who you are within, accepting your soul, and taking responsibility of its own creation as deity of the Prime Creator. Soul stands within and without the fabric of physical life and you are not separate from the animals and the rest of existence by possessing an eternal inner consciousness. Such a consciousness is present within all living beings, and in all forms. We are the consciousness of Mother Nature. Universe itself is made of thought, the very consciousness that you all possess. So I ask to shake off the old inborn truths, as they no longer serve us, and look no further but search within at this beautiful time of remembering.

I practice the art of collage by up-cycling paper litter and old magazines to manipulate an existing form into a new two-dimensional image of creative self expression by simply using cut and paste technique, and giving my collages three-dimensional texture by exploring paper surface in its multiple possibilities of expression. I strongly believe that we all should live in a world of 100% up-cycling and planet Earth should not be gaged by human waste. I have a great sense of achievement by setting an example in doing so in my own artistic work. Beautiful things can be born out of biggest pile of rubbish. My primary focus of collaging gives me an opportunity to transform mass medias corporate manipulations creating the need for mass consumption, as well as drowning humanity in nothing but fair and sex appeal based published information, into spiritual messages and my own artistic self discovery.

I am an independent visionary artist and creative intuitive spiritual seeker who collages to inspire and teach spirituality to help raise vibrations of humanity and planet Earth. I have a First Class Honours Degree in Creative Arts at University of Sussex where my love for collage had started. I am passionate about the art of collaging and teaching my skill as well, where one can find creative relaxation, gain mindfulness, and find divine power within through the love and practice of art. Through my own creativity I came to realise that creative process is a channeling process of self-mediative moment when conscious and subconscious mind work in harmony not only to balance and alter the energetic field of a body and mind but also reveal a doorway to inner self discovery and a library to Universal knowledge. Previous exhibitions were held at Candid Arts Trust in London (2015) and 13 The Gallery  in Islington  (2014). Present exhibition is all about contribution to the local community.

To see a full range of my work, find out more about and book my Collage Class please visit my website www.ivetakart.com, for any commission or information enquiries email at iveta.k.art@my.com. Follow Iveta.K.Art on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter!