Laura Hepworth: TEMPUS: Movement + Matter 19th June to 23rd July 2017

New Gallery Space: viewing Mon to Friday and Sat am.
Laura Hepworth: TEMPUS: Movement + Matter
19th June to 23rd July 2017
Open day Saturday 24th June 9am to 2pm

TEMPUS explores Hepworth’s adoption of repetition in mark making. Throughout, the viewer will be able to perceive and interact with a series of works ranging from archive drawings, to gigantic web installations. Conveying the concept of the unpredictable behaviour of texture within water, whilst reflecting upon Hepworth’s ongoing investigation of how connected to the universe we really are!

Laura Hepworth’s work examines the themes of creation and connection: “how few of us wonder how we were created and what connections we may have with endless vista of stars and galaxies. Do we ever stop to consider what lies in the darkness? Research implies that there is every chance the universe was formed from something undetectable by the human eye: dark matter.”

Laura’s practise utilises drawings and scale installations to define and explore the relationship between art and science. By creating a series of evolving works, Laura strives to make individuals more aware of their own connections to the universe.

The structuring of stars and galaxies becomes a dominant motif in Laura’s work, evolving from geometrical drawings to the making of gigantic webs.