Melanie Winning MA – 26th February to 22nd March 2013

Melanie Winning MA: Altered Pieces of Omens and Poets
26th February to 22nd March 2013
Open eve Monday 4th March 2013 7-9pm

The atmosphere of my work is a very important element, I want to feel I could step into my pictures, they are melodramatic narratives with a slightly uncomfortable feel. I use painting make-up and photography to give a painters feel and finish the work digitally.
In 2012 I completed my M A in Illustration with Distinction at Camberwell Art School.

My work is focused on the theatrical with my interests and inspiration coming from personal image, poetry and folklore. I describe the images as photographic Illustrations with a moral tale inspired by the Dutch Masters of the17th Century.
Having worked as a freelance Make-Up Artist and Photographer, the story telling in my work pulls together all my skills and allows me to blend imagination, surrealism and fantasy.

When all the elements are put together I like to think the viewer isn’t quite sure if the work is a painting or a photograph and they are drawn into their own version of the story. My prints are Fine Art Limited Editions.

Since finishing my M A at Camberwell in September 2012 I have exhibited at The Medici Gallery in Cork Street and the De Oude Kirk in Amsterdam