Neil Collins – EVERY PICTURE TELLS A STORY – 31st August to 23rd September 2016

Please ring to view 020 8464 5816
31st August to 23rd September 2016
Open eve 6th September 7-9pm

This is the second exhibition I have held of my pictures at Ripley. The previous one last September has kept me busy in commissions ever since, although straying off topic as I do has meant there are one or two I haven’t got round to yet.

This year I have been trying to work more loosely but my instincts to like detail and accuracy still control me. Nonetheless, my backgrounds are getting more free and I am simplifying the detail.
Motorsport still inspires me to paint and it’s what most people ask me to do. Each of these pictures has sparked an interest in me through a memory or an association so I have provided a little story for each painting, hence the title of the exhibition. Venice is still a fascinating subject with the limitless changes of light and colour and I have painted some World War 1 scenes which is another subject that fascinates me. I feel I have made some progress this year with my lights and shadows.

This year I have been making plans to bring my paintings to a wider audience which I hope will be fruitful in the future and in the coming months I am hoping to build a studio in the garden so I don’t have to keep clearing my dining room table when visitors are due or bribing my grandchildren to return my prized brushes and expensive papers they seem to think they can take home with them.

I hope that visitors to Ripley enjoy looking at my efforts.