Conditions of Hire

The following comments are listed to clarify the services available to and responsibilities of Hirers of Ripley Arts Centre:-

  • The Warden will request a Schedule of the requirements of users setting out the number of chairs and tables that may be needed by each Hirer. If any alterations are made concerning room layout or furniture requirements, please notify the Warden so that his Schedule may be updated.
  • The Warden will he available ten minutes before the starting time of a hiring period in order to set out additional furniture if required, and answer any queries that may arise. The Warden will also be available at the end of a hiring period.
  • Hiring time is taken from the time the first person arrives until the last person leaves the building.
  • If the Kitchen has been booked, cups/saucers/plates and glasses will he found in the kitchen cupboards. Please record any breakages on the list inside the cupboard so that replacements can he purchased and the stock maintained. Charges relating to breakages are displayed in the cupboard. With regard to tidiness and cleanliness, we ask that you leave the kitchen as found.
  • We ask for your co-operation in leaving the rooms in a reasonable state of tidiness so that they can be prepared for the next user. Please kindly pick up litter from the floors.
  • In order to maintain good relations between Bromley Arts Council and neighbouring premises, we ask you to park cars ‘thoughtfully’ and to leave the premises in a manner not to cause disturbance to our neighbours, particularly at night.
  • No smoking is allowed on the premises (except in the Garden).  Please do not place Sellotape or ‘Blu Tack’ or marking of any sort onto any wall or door.
  • Parents of children arriving at Ripley should ensure that the class teacher is at the Centre before departing. Hirers are reminded that they are responsible for the full-time supervision of any children attending their events until the last child has been collected or has left the premises.
  • Please ensure that, out of consideration for the Warden, you vacate the premises at the end of the hiring period stated upon your booking confirmation form. In any event all persons must leave the premises by 10.45p.m. at the very latest.
  • No alcoholic drink is to be sold on the premises unless a Licence has been obtained by the Hirer.
  • All accidents to persons are to be reported to the Administrator or Warden.
  • It is the responsibility of the Hirer to steward events to which the general public are invited. Please ask the administrator for a copy of the information note entitled ‘Management of Public Entertainments’.
  • It is in the interests of Hirers who involve children in their activities to have drawn up and to operate a Child Protection Policy.
  • Facilities for the disabled are available, but only on the ground floor at Ripley. Please contact the Warden or the Office if you need these facilities.
  • Our Insurers advise that ‘organisations should also have their own public liability insurance to cover their activities and any damage they may negligently do to’ our ‘building or other property’.
  • When bookings are cancelled, for any reason, within 30 days of the hiring date, the hirer will be liable for the full charge. If more than 30 days notice is given; an administration charge of 20% of the hiring fee may be levied.

Thank you for your co-operation, which is much appreciated and will help us to ensure the smooth running of Ripley Arts Centre for the benefit of all.