Zsuzsanna Pataki 29th September to 20th November 2015

Zsuzsanna Pataki – London Waterways & French Collection
29th September to 20th November 2015
Please ring to view T. 208 464 5816
Open eve. 2nd October 7-9pm: London Waterways
Open eve. 3rd November 7-9pm: French Collection

Zsuzsanna Pataki: London Waterways is a selection of contemporary acrylic paintings capturing city life in London in relation to the Thames and its waterways. Executed with a dynamic hand wielding a palette knife, it depicts trademark brick arches, bridges and canals in bold colours, often from unusual angles.

When choosing a subject I look for meaningful contrasts; a pretty sight won’t do unless it carries a line for a thesis. It can be a directional-cultural contrast, like the seated angler on the pathway below the observer on the bridge in Red Scarf. It can also be a contrast of time, as the modern office buildings shatter to pieces and become the abstract backdrop for the decrepit old boat, reflected by the canal below in Docklands Barge. Or it can be the absurdity of a jazz group giving concert straight up from the riverbed in front of Tate Modern, as in Low Tide Jazz.

The blaring orange columns holding absolutely nothing since the construction of the new Blackfriars Bridge, —though distant in material and workmanship—recall the ancient ruins Greece, and serve us as a reminder of how temporary our culture is. Rust, mould and decay in general make us turn away our head, but ultimately make space and provide the materials to build the future.

In my work I seek to challenge our concept of London: its rules (No Fishing), its iconic sites (Millennium Bridge, Saint Saviours Wharf with Tower Bridge), its structure (Canal Wall), and add my own layer of colour to the many strata of history as it is recorded and remembered by the brick arches, pathways, or the moored neighbourhoods of narrow boats like the one right next to the reinvented wharf along the River Neckinger, or that gem of Limehouse Bay.
Seemingly documenting the material side, my paintings are thoughtful reflections on people and culture, looking at both parts and whole from a historic perspective.

This exhibition extends to incorporate The French Collection

Enjoy the show, and please drop me a note with your thoughts: info@zsuzsannapataki.com