CATINA CANTALLOPS FIOL – 29th June to 23rd July 2010

29th June to 23rd July 2010
p/view 1st July 2010 7-9pm

Born in Mallorca (Spain) Catina studied painting at the Fine Arts Academy of Palma de Mallorca. She later left her island to travel the world. In Paris, she had the chance to develop her artistic career learning new techniques while working and continuing to travel. Among others, she travelled to Lebanon, Egypt, Arabia, and Mexico, where she stayed a few years. Through all her travels and experiences she has become a self-taught artist.”

It´s inevitable to visit Egypt and not be amazed and carried away by the beauty of its temples, hieroglyphic reliefs , columns, as well as its mythology.

My paintings are based upon sketches and ideas that I have done over many years. I like to explore and engross myself in the mystery of forms, search for a synthesis and express it in a symbolism.
In this small collection I have worked with mixed techniques: acrylic, oil and gold leaf on canvas.
Some paintings represent mythological scenes, others suggest an energy, a cycle of renovation, searching in the metaphor, the poetic language of symbols.