Francis McQueen – 22nd November to 23rd December 2011

Francis McQueen ( New Gallery Space)
OSTENDIT ANIMAM: He shows the soul
22nd November to 23rd December 2011
Open eve: 24th November 7-9pm

Francis McQueen’s work explores the interior world of feelings, emotions, energies and complexes. He believes that our deepest nature is revealed through our creativity – consciously and unconsciously, and that being creative is a way to reconnect with our life journey – Jung called this journey the individuation process. Each artwork is an outward expression of his interior world – a place where the two worlds meet – inner world and outer world.

“I particularly enjoy the process, the creative moment when the paint collides, fights and resists, or when it flows, co-operates or is corralled. This is the most exciting part of the process – the unknown and the unpredictable – and once beyond this, a period of calm ensues, when the paint begins to settle. So each time I begin to work, I am embarking on an adventure, a journey into the unknown using both the materials of the outer world and the emotions of the inner world.”