Gabriella Wickes: Nature Reimagined 31st August to 23rd September 2016

Gabriella Wickes: Nature Reimagined
31st August to 23rd September 2016
Open evening 1st September 7-9pm

Nature Reimagined
I believe that by applying simplicity, an artist can evoke the full spectrum of emotion through art. My working style is an amalgamation of pop art and minimalism, and the main theme of my work focuses on creating eccentric shapes and forcing them into a conventional arrangement so that when you look closely, you will find a collection of various contours all working together to form a coherent whole.

I have decided to apply an unconventional style to a conventional art theme— Nature. I have applied this approach to various aspects of nature and the countryside and visually reduced them to the essentials using pen and permanent markers. By incorporating bold, simple, and vibrant block colours I allow the viewer to observe a classic theme in a modern day context.

“Art is too serious to be taken seriously” – Ad Reinhardt

Gabriella Wickes is a self-taught ink artist specialising in human and animal portraits. She has been drawing since the age of six, after being introduced to the world of art by her Grandad, Peter. Gabriella is a history graduate having studied at Manchester Metropolitan University and the University of Leeds. Gabriella now lives in Chislehurst and works in business development within the legal sector in London.
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