In Our Mind’s Eye- by the M7 Group – 27th September to 20th October 2011

In Our Mind’s Eye- by the M7 Group (Ring to view)
27th September to 20th October 2011
Open eve: 29th September 7-9pm

An eclectic collection of work in a variety of media, by seven locally based artists. The diverse subject matter covers wildlife; florals; abstracts, landscapes and still life, as seen through the mind’s eye of the artists. Commissions can also be arranged.

Penny Baker – I’m a local artist working in acrylic and ink and wash. My first love is working in acrylics on larger canvases. My most recent series of works have been inspired by the line and form of Arabian geometric designs. I hope you enjoy them. My second love is for ink and wash and some examples are on show here. I have also accepted commissions for drawings of Spanish and French villas and hotels for publicity material, which have been reproduced and appear on diverse items, from postcards to baseball caps!

Jenny Cooper – I studied art at Avery Hill Teacher Training College and used it as a valuable teaching aid during my years as a primary school teacher. Now retired, I attend various classes studying the techniques of acrylic, watercolour and life drawing. I am a member of Bexley Art Group and enjoy painting for myself and exhibiting my work alongside my magnificent friends.

Debbie Elcome (née Frampton) – I’m a member of the Marwell International Wildlife Art Society; Bexley Art Group; The SAA and Painters & Artists. I love to draw and paint in different media: pencil, coloured pencil, pastel, pens & ink, watercolour, Gouache, acrylics and oils. I create wildlife and domestic animal portraits working from photos, but I love the variety of art and often work on other subjects, such as seascapes. My work is always signed Frampton, as this is my maiden name and I sign that way for consistency as an artist.

Ann Hale – Sometimes life doesn’t give you time to do what you want, but for my 60th birthday I was given a painting holiday. I absolutely loved it. I realized I wanted to paint and keep on painting, so I joined an Art Group, went to Adult Education classes and now go on as many painting holidays as I can afford. Not only is it great fun, but you meet so many wonderful people. I’d recommend painting to everyone. You’d be surprised at what you can do.

Margaret Neame – Drawing, painting and handicrafts have always been an important part of my life. My inspiration has come from many aspects of the environment and I use a range of media. I have been fortunate in being taught by some excellent teachers at adult education classes over the years. I also recall fondly art lessons at school and being a day release student at Medway College of Art. I believe that all learning is a life-long journey but learning and developing as an artist is a particularly exciting path to explore.

Gloria Pattinson – I’ve drawn and sketched for my own enjoyment for most of my life but I only took up painting about five years ago and have been exhibiting my work for the past two years. Most of my early work was in oils, but I’ve recently developed a preference for acrylics. I haven’t yet developed a defined “style” and enjoy trying all sorts of ideas. I draw inspiration from nature; picture postcards, holiday snaps, family photographs and even programmes on the TV.

Phyllis Smith – After leaving school, I spent several years attending art college but unfortunately didn’t pursue this interest during my working life. Retirement offered the opportunity to put my ‘arty’ ideas into practice and produce my own works of art. My passion is ‘movement’ using vibrant acrylics, but I also like the sereneness of flowing watercolour with ink, and soft pastels. You are never too old to learn and I still attend various classes to improve and learn new techniques.