Jina Wallwork – 31st August to 23rd September 2011

Jina Wallwork (Ring to view)
31st August to 23rd September 2011
p/view 5th September 7-9pm

Evolution “An exploration of my thoughts and feelings, allows them to evolve. They find a way to manifest themselves in the world. They become a painting, existing naked and true. My ideas and emotions adopt a tangible state on the canvas; they have evolved. The painting then becomes stimulus for a continuing evolution of concept and heart. Painting is an evolving conversation with the self.”- Jina Wallwork

Jina Wallwork has exhibited her artwork in the United States, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. In January 2011, Jina’s name appeared in lights across the Australian Museum in Sydney. It was a part of a project by the artist John Baldessari who she had exhibited with in a previous exhibition. She has also exhibited with the Turner prize winner Grayson Perry, Jeff Koons and Yoko Ono.
Jina Wallwork was born in Salford and her first exposure to the art world was through visiting the local galleries to view the works of L.S.Lowry. She would study each picture in the exhibitions trying to understand them all. At five years of age she first saw a poster of ‘Blue Nude’ 1902 by Pablo Picasso, it was featured on a wall of a friend’s house. She would occasionally attempt to draw this image from memory, instinctively knowing there was something magical about it. Her family was very supportive and her father would make frequent trips to buy drawing paper in bulk and Jina would spend hours drawing. Her mother would allow her to paint whenever she chose to and always made space in the house for any creative task that could be imagined. As Jina grew older she was always given the creative freedom to develop as an artist. She studied art at Staffordshire University where she received BA(hons) degree in Fine Art. She has also studied the Materials and techniques of post war abstract painting with the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The spiritual influence on her work is greatly apparent and reveals a unique artist with a complex philosophy, as well as a strong visual style.
“When walking through darkness art becomes a light. You stumble as you are trying to adjust your eyesight to the dark. Suddenly you find a completely new way of seeing. Beyond the surface you begin to feel the appearance of an object. You begin to feel the world and you then create an image to portray that feeling. When anyone views your art, they are using your eyes to see.”-Jina Wallwork taken from VISION.