Jonathan Polkest – 31st August to 23rd September 2011

Jonathan Polkest (Ring to view)
31st August to 23rd September 2011
p/view 31st August 7-9pm

Votive Drawings by Jonathan Polkest
Small drawings on panels that present and intend a votive element rather than a purely decorative or illustrative notion. Sidestepping the idea that a work of art is either decorative or meaningful and emphasizing an iconic status for personalized objects and situations the artist attempts to eulogize through the act of drawing particular visual sensibilities.

Recording and presenting Votive signage is a global, historic phenomenon occurring in Etruscan Sanctuaries, Inca shrines and sacred Celtic burials their ontological status is far from self evident. What does it mean to make a small expression, an offering, what is the connection between the sacred and small ?