Jonathan Polkest – 5th Jan to 28th Jan 2011

Jonathan Polkest – Non-Fiction
5th Jan to 28th Jan 2011
Open evening Mon 10th Jan 7-9pm

My work engages with drawing on its many levels. It is based on drawing, from the physical action to the perception of an image-idea: A drawing for me is a combination of proposed and existing strands.

Drawing as high and low art, how do we distinguish decoration from embellishment? Ornamentation of the functional object through the process of drawing conspires to form glimpses, gazing and prospects of Non Fiction, (the discovery of attractions in the terrain: situations that ask only for renewed or multiple meaning).

These recent works embrace craft through the inclusion of textiles and non-painted elements; the process informs my viewpoint beyond the canvas perimeter into the uncorroborated realm of non-fiction.
In drawing “non-fiction” elements of a potential mythology emerge between the lines, threads and surfaces of the functional world.

Jonathan Polkest is a practising artist and visiting tutor, born in the Isles of Scilly, Cornwall with an aesthetic approach that values function as decoration and ornament as signage.

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