Les Williams – 28th June to 22nd July 2011

Les Williams SGFA – ‘ A London Perspective ‘ (Ring to view)
28th June to 22nd July 2011

‘I love the life and buildings of London. It is impossible not to be impressed with the vibrancy of life and the continual change that takes place within the Capital City. Buildings are erected and dismantled with regularity. People rush from station to work and home and using my favourite medium of pen and wash I try to capture and reflect on what I see ahead of me as I paint on location .’ Les Williams


Les loves painting in pen and wash, painting a wide variety of subjects, but his particular favourites are the buildings and landscapes of London and Norfolk. He has trained at the Princes Trust in London and also under some of the leading watercolourists in the country.

Over the last few years Les has travelled extensively, his visits include Antarctica and the Falkland Islands, Honfleur, Venice and of course, home territory the United Kingdom.

This exhibition explores his love of London, particularly the City of London, where the buildings and life bear the hallmarks of a long history. The Capital City is continually changing and provides rich opportunities for an artist.
Currently he is a member of the Society of Graphic Fine Artists, a member of the West Norfolk Artist Association and Chairman of The Bankside Group of Artists.

His recent exhibitions have included St Martins in the Fields, Southwark Cathedral and The Barbican in London. St Nicholas Church, Kings Lynn, Castle Acre Trail, Norfolk Open Studios in Norfolk and the South Georgia Heritage Trust. Les Williams www.leswilliams.org.uk