Linda Clayton-Giddings: Halcyon Days 28th May to 20th June 2014

Please Ring to view T 020 8464 5816
Linda Clayton-Giddings: Halcyon Days
28th May to 20th June 2014
Open evening 2nd June 2014 7-9pm

For this exhibition, the theme of my paintings is looking back on happy times, from childhood to recent past. Most of the paintings are oil on canvas, and have been taken from life situations. A story in every painting. Hopefully the pleasure recalling Halcyon Days, will translate for others.

The three pictures I have chosen to illustrate my exhibition are as follows:

The fascination that water holds , not only for children but as we get older, curiosity as to whether it holds fish or anything else.
I saw these children waiting patiently beside the pond in Kelsey Park , and the delight they showed when a fish appeared, brought back all those happy memories.
Whenever I look a this painting now, I have to smile.

The old nursery rhyme, told to a child as a ladybird walks onto its finger from a flower. It appears to be just a beetle, but as the nursery rhyme concludes, ‘fly away home’, to the child’s amazement , wings suddenly appear, and as if by magic, the ladybird ‘flies away home’.

So many street and road parties have been enjoyed over the years, and how nice to spend summer days with friends, family and neighbours.
To take time, from the busy lives we all lead, to organise, plan, and enjoy, a party together, to translate that onto canvas, brings all that happiness back again.

Linda Clayton-Giddings