Portraits by Bishop Justus Church of England School – 10th Jan to 28th Jan 2011

Portraits by Bishop Justus Church of England School
10th Jan to 28th Jan 2011
Open evening Tues  11th January 7-9pm

Welcome to our exhibition of portraits by students at Bishop Justus Church of England School.  Students who have contributed to the exhibition range in age from 11 to 18.  Students create portraits in each year of their art education at Bishop Justus developing their skills and ideas as they progress through the course.  We hope that this exhibition displays the range and variety of work produced by the young students at our school.

In year 7 students learn basic proportions in a portrait, but then develop their work into a cubist style piece influenced by Picasso’s weeping woman.  The younger students like the bright colours and learning how to blend the paints.

Year 8 students study the Alexander Calder’s wire sculptures; they make line drawings before creating a face from wire.  Students have fun experimenting creating “alter-ego” characters by adding interesting hair, glasses and expressions etc.

Years 9, and 10 all do self portrait projects, they learn about techniques with different media as well as developing more self expression and personal ideas.  Many students have enjoyed working with a simple biro pen.

GCSE and A level students follow more individual projects, making their own decisions about their ideas. They aim to combine previous skills to produce more finished pieces.

This is the first year that Bishop Justus has had a full cohort of students since its opening in September 2004 when we started with only the youngest year groups. The school has grown in size and now the original students are now the oldest and in their last year of school. We wanted to celebrate our creativity in this exhibition of work, so we hope you enjoy the show!