Rebecca Holtom – 28th July to 21st August 2009

Rebecca Holtom ‘Calm and Space’
28th July to 21st August 2009
Open evening 28th July 2009 7pm to 9pm

Rebecca works from observation and memory. Her preoccupations have been with the changes of nature and the cycle of the seasons. “I use oil paint on canvas and make large mixed media drawings (and have also recently illustrated 3 poetry books). My aim with my work now is a ‘quest’ for peace, calm and space, reflecting life.” Rebecca is a painter/printmaker living, for the past 20 years in a small village near Montpellier, South of France. “Colour is vital to me and my perspective is often slightly distorted or exaggerated.” Rebecca Holtom‘When any painter has wrestled with a canvas for hours, or days, or even weeks, and has finally won through to a finish, there is only one reality for him, and that is his picture.’
Quote from Ben Shahn