Sezgin Kemal and David Woods – 6th January to 29th January 2010

Sezgin Kemal and David Woods – The Powers of Collaboration

6th January to 29th January 2010
Open eve 11th January 7-9pm

David Wood and Sezgin Kemal have collaborated on photographic projects for four years. In terms of technique this exhibition illuminates skills from both art and science as creativity and self expression are captured with the camera’s lens.

Sezgin Kemal and David Wood have created various arts projects and exhibitions both at Ripley, the RAC in London and the Lansdowne Club. With David’s fine visual eye and Sezgin’s educational focus the two have enjoyed a professional collaboration in exploring form, design and texture. Sezgin’s focus on form and collage of urban beauty eg. swimming pools and David’s professional passion for things natural and Darwinian through his many travels – shows that the result of the collaboration has been harmonious and effective.