Shirley Parker-Gore: Limited Editions 22nd July to 15th August 2014

Please ring to view T.020 8464 5816
Shirley Parker-Gore: Limited Editions
22nd July to 15th August 2014
Open eve 28th July 7-9pm
With no formal art qualifications and largely self taught, Shirley
Parker-Gore started printmaking after a career in teaching and as a
Board Room executive. Today her accomplished collection of hand
printed limited edition screen prints are a testament to her skill and a delight
to behold.

Shirley lives in London and also spends time in Tuscany, Italy where
she has a second home. It is from these locations that she draws
inspiration; this may start with a thought, a concept, a memory or
something that catches the eye.

Many of her stylised landscapes reflect her love of the Tuscan countryside.
She experiments with many different forms, subjects and techniques and
this makes her work very varied. She does not wish to capture the
literal likeness of reality but rather the representation or essence of the

Shirley produces a small number of original prints for each edition;
there are rarely more than six and sometimes just one.
The Screen Printing Process:

When we think of a print today, we tend to see this as a computer
generated image. Screen printing is very different from this. It is a
traditional art form that began in China as far back as 960 AD and
came to Europe in the late 18th century. It is a lengthy process and a
screen print is created completely by hand from start to finish. Each
handmade print in an edition is an original; there is no automated or digital
reproduction involved. A woven mesh supports the stencil of the image and
acrylic ink is forced by hand through the mesh using a rubber squeegee. Shirley uses
a photographic process to make the stencil. This handmade process
makes every print an original work of art.