SYLVIA FARROW: BIRDSCAPES Tuesday 24th June – Friday 18th July

Please ring to view 020 8464 5816
Tuesday 24th June – Friday 18th July
Open eve. 30th June 7-9pm

Sylvia Farrow is exhibiting her watercolour paintings of birds, in all their fascinating variety.  She has an enduring love of birds and has chosen this as the theme of her exhibition at Ripley Arts Centre.

Sylvia studied ceramics at Camberwell College, but she has always drawn and painted.  She has worked for many years in watercolour, which she likes for its immediacy and element of risk.  She has mainly painted landscapes, inspired by trips to France and Italy, and still life, usually everyday objects with fruit and flowers.  Recently she has extended her subject matter to animals, and now combines her enthusiasm for watercolour with her passion for birds.

She finds the wide variety of birds, mainly seen in the garden, a rich source of inspiration.  Although it is difficult to work from life with creatures that never keep still, Sylvia spends many hours observing birds and their antics, and supplements her observations with studies from photographs. Watercolour is an ideal medium to reflect the character and constant movement of birds: Sylvia uses paints in a loose and fluid way then adds details to reflect their delicacy, and give character to the subjects. Sylvia’s paintings capture their personality and individuality, which she further develops by grouping the birds in ways not necessarily seen in real life.