VIOLETTA OZEL – Colour Moody 1st November to 21st December 2017

PLEASE RING TO VIEW 0208 464 5816
VIOLETTA OZEL – Colour Moody
1st November to 21st December 2017

Open evening 2nd November 7.00 PM – 9.00 PM ( no appointment necessary for this evening)
” COLOURS make me tick- mood lifting, bright, lively colours. This very much reflects in my paintings, as seen in this exhibition, hence the name COLOUR MOODY. While painting, I go to a totally different world; me, the canvas and the paints; drawing, mixing colours, painting…the world stops.” Violetta Ozel

Having graduated from the Business Administration Faculty of the Aegean University in Izmir and after 37 years of banking in Turkey (6 years in Izmir and 15 years in Istanbul), France (1 year in Paris) and the UK (15 years in the City of London) I retired in 2005 and started developing further some of my life long hobbies.
In the beginning, these were limited to making jewellery, cross stitch and crocheting, painting trays and using beads in decorating all of them. While going to various workshops I found out that I could actually hold a brush and paint on a canvas, despite all the years of failing the painting classes at secondary school. This pushed me to pursue this hobby more seriously by working with some artists around the world (USA, Portugal, Spain) whenever I travelled. Although not for long periods, these experiences gave me some ideas about which way to go. Currently I attend workshops at the Academia Belles Arts Fco. Valderrama in Castelldefels/Spain as and when we visit Barcelona. I have to thank my mentor Araceli Carreno Lopez for pushing me to my limits to get the best out of me.

My paintings decorate some homes in different parts of the world like USA, France, Israel, UK, Spain and Turkey.
Shared Exhibitions in Barcelona – Spain
June 2017 Centro Maragall – Gava – Films – Looking for Nemo; June 2017 Biblioteca de Gava – Pintura Luminiscente; May 2016 Fiesta de Esparragos – Gava – pop art asparagus; June 2015 Biblioteca de Gava – Sunset in Castelldefels; June 2014 Centro Maragall – Gava – White Lilly; and June 2013 Biblioteca de Gava – Flores de Gava – Red Geranium