William Waldie – 27th August to 26th September 2008

Capturing that moment
27th August to 26th September 2008
Open eve 28th August 7-9pm

WEEKDAY VIEWING in Main Galleries One and Two:
Please ring to view Tel 020 8464 5816

For many years William Waldie has been observing and then translating the nature of his surroundings using various media in both traditional and experimental format. He has now chosen to present the results of his work as limited edition prints.

William was born in Toronto, Canada. After leaving art college he began his career as an illustrator working for advertising and publishing companies.

In 1966, after moving to England, he opened an art studio and photographic laboratory in London. It was during the following years that he began to realise how the computer could become an invaluable tool for the visual arts.

It was only after retiring a few years ago that he was able to find the time to experiment and explore the possibilities of creating images of the things he found in nature interesting, by using digital based media to “capture the moment”, There are many examples of this in the exhibition, along with traditional photographs and paintings.

In all cases the pictures are stored in a digital format and offered in the form of signed, limited edition prints on high quality natural paper using non-fade pigment inks.

This is William’s first exhibition to include what could be described as “virtual” painting.