Elizabeth Balhadj – 28th October to 21st November 2008

A Walk with Roses
28th October to 21st November 2008
Open eve 28th October 7-9pm

Elizabeth draws from nature in this pleasing collection of acrylic studies. ‘A walk with roses’ follows Elizabeth’s journey through nature’s vivid botanical path. Rich in colour, her vibrant depictions almost leave a perfumed trail.

Elizabeth Belhadj was born in Kingston upon Thames on the 22nd February 1979. She graduated from the Camberwell College of Arts in the year 2000. In her lifetime she has studied and has been inspired by shape, form and colour, translating real line and tones into visual art.

She works in two different styles, contemporary and realism, creating effective mood lifting studies. Elizabeth is inspired by using both line and colour to express the emotion of the still life that she paints and it is this emotional link with the subject matter that allows her to fully exercise her abilities; these portrayals of botanical art, depicted in a realistic way, capture the true essence of her work leaving the viewer revitalized. Elizabeth prefers to use both acrylic and water colour and is continually developing future works.