Joanne Sinclair -27th April to 20th May 2011

Joanne Sinclair – Yesterdays People
Images from past to present day captured in charcoal.
27th April to 20th May 2011
P/view Wed 27th April 7-9pm

A self taught artist with a love of times gone by and famous people. Working with needle point charcoal each piece can take up to six weeks to complete. This exhibition is about demonstrating the almost photographic effect than can be achieved from a single piece of charcoal. Joanne is very interested in past and present times which suit her chosen medium very well.


I first became interested in art at a very young age and soon began drawing with anything I could find. I started out using pastels in my teens which progressed to graphite and charcoal sticks, a very specialised area in the art world. I honed my trade through pure determination, trial and error as the medium tends to be very unforgiving and any mistakes, no matter how small, can seldom be rectified. Each piece can take anything from 4 to 6 weeks of solid work as the detail is so fine I am reduced to using needle point charcoal.

I have drawn all manner of requests from landscape and still life to portraits of famous personalities and family members, but my biggest passion is the Victorian and Georgian era of Britain, as I find these prove to be an interesting snap shot of life a long time ago.
In addition to my art work I also write short children’s stories which I am still in the process of trying to publish. I also love working with fabrics and textiles, creating all kinds of cushions, clothing and furniture accessories. Joanne Sinclair