Max Burton – Architexture – 28th September to 22nd October 2010

Max Burton – Architexture
28th September to 22nd October 2010
Open eve  28th September 7-9pm

 This Exhibition is about re-exploring simple line, tone, and colour; This being expressed predominately through the medium of coloured pencils: The chosen themes are architecture and natural world, both separate and sometimes intertwined.


Max S. Burton; born in Canada 1955; brought up in Scotland, has been living in London for over 30yrs where he attended Central School of Art, attaining B.A. (Hons) in Textile Design: Since leaving art school, Max has exhibited his work at a gallery in Old St. and has been commissioned to execute a mural in the foyer of a recording studio: Balance of shape and colour has always featured predominately in his work, which he describes as “design drawings”. Regarding perspective, a great deal of artistic licence is employed, but it is the overall image that is important as opposed to technical accuracy.

Architecture and the natural world are the main influences in Max’s work, which he takes as a starting point, mixing abstraction and realism, to obtain the final result: the use of coloured pencil is often a medium which is overlooked but is as versatile as any other: for the future-to see where it takes him.