Parvin Hani Tabaei: Crows and Trees- Woodcuts 1st October to 23rd October 2015

Parvin Hani Tabaei: Crows and Trees- Woodcuts
1st October to 23rd October 2015
Open evening 5th October 7-9pm

New Gallery Space – 9am to 4pm – Other times by appointment T. 020 8464 5816

Pari Hani is a woodcut print specialist . Sea, sky, trees, birds, and in general , nature is  the main theme of her work . For more information please her website: Any of her profit of this exhibition will go to the Breast Cancer Support Charity.

Parvin Hani Tabaei, also known as Pari Hani, was born in Iran in 1957. She studied Fine Arts at Tehran University and continued her graduate studies  too. She pursued handmade printmaking as profession and since 1990 she has been teaching it at universities in Tehran. She has been a faculty member in Art and Architecture School of Azad University in Tehran since 1999. She has had several exhibitions in Iran and many countries abroad. She has held a woodcut workshop in London back in 2007. Her works have been accepted in several international competitions such as A4printmakers, Guanlan International Print Biennial Word Art Print Annual. She has also written a book, ” Woodcut Printmaking- Hand print” in Persian.

To explain her work as a woodcut print specialist in a simple way; first the drawing is created and then the image is carved into the surface face of a suitable wood with knifes or special chisels, after which an ink roller is drawn over the surface, leaving the ink on the non-curved areas. Multiple colours can be printed by keying the paper to a frame around the woodblocks (using a different block for each colour). The printed image is created by rubbing the paper on the block by a wooden spoon.