Colin Michael BA (hons) – 26th February to 22nd March 2013

Please ring to view 020 8464 5816
Colin Michael BA (hons), NS, UA.: Images of Paris.
26th February to 22nd March 2013
Open eve. Tuesday 26th February 7-9pm

This exhibition by artist Colin Michael explores the well known iconic images as well as the hidden back streets of this most romantic city in the world, Paris. Michael use Apps from the iPod and traditional art techniques to create a plethora of creative images that open your mind to the new world of multimedia in art.

“With the use of the iPod I took many images from all over Paris, then sat down in one of the typical cafes in Montmartre to look at and adapt these pictures using several Apps: PhotoPower, SketchBookX, PowerSketch, My Sketch, Colour Effects and of course Photoshop. All of these Apps have very different attitudes and can be used on top of each other”, he explains.
When Michael returned to his studio in London he then prepared canvasses the traditional way and applied paint in his usual abstract, vibrant, colourful manner as a background. Sometimes he uses material found lying around, such as metro tickets and boulangerie’s wrappers. The images created in Paris were then adapted to be layered, like a cake, on to canvas and on woven paper, all in order to make an overall impression of what he felt at the time.“

My aim was to embrace the new techniques of the “Now” by bringing them up to date and into this new fast moving multimedia world, but with hint of the past and its long tradition, canvas and paint”.