Damien Borowik: Hand paintings and machine drawings 23rd September to 17th October 2014

Damien Borowik: Hand paintings and machine drawings
23rd September to 17th October 2014
Open eve 23rd September 7-9pm
Open weekdays 9am to 4pm
Other times by appointment

Through abstract expressionism and cutting edge technology, Damien explores the aesthetics of paintings and drawings. With a particular attention to textures and mark making, the artist strives to reveal the creative processes occurring in the making of the work.

In Damien’s paintings, abstract shapes become interrelated in a combination of gestures. Each mark becomes an essential part of the structural balance, and creates a visual dialogue between flow and tension. The artist combines shapes, colours and textures to achieve a purely aesthetic harmony, where the artwork can speak for itself.

In his machine drawings, the set of artworks is the result of a creative and iterative process between the artist and the machine he created, with an emphasis on mark making and automation. The creative input dictates both the programming and mechanical processes, giving each drawing their unique qualities.

Damien is passionate about the art of making. Being a ‘Plasticien’ in a figurative sense, he strives to use and create tools to shape traditional and digital mediums, revealing the inner workings of the artefact. Whether in his paintings or installations, digital or analogue, each stroke, action or decision made cannot be hidden, and inform the aesthetics of the resulting art piece.
Damien Borowik is a French artist who has been living in London since 1998. He studied applied arts and graphic design in France (Foundation at École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art) and also in the United Kingdom (BA at Central Saint Martins). He has recently completed an MA in Computational Arts at Goldsmiths and was invited by Samsung Electronics to take part in a unique art residency program in Seoul, South Korea, and collaborate with the famous photographer Jono Lee. Damien is currently based in South East London at ASC studios Bond House, New Cross Gate.

Website: dborowik.com
Twitter: twitter.com/dborowik
Facebook: facebook.com/damien.borowik