Janice Wileman-Anjo – 27th September to 20th October 2011

Janice Wileman-Anjo – “Dance Drama” (Ring to view)
27th September to 20th October 2011
Open eve: 27th September 7-9pm

This collection of drawings and paintings is a response to performances of Russian dance and the designs of the Ballet Russe. The colour, movement and drama are a starting point and the dazzling costumes are a rich source for imaginative ideas

I graduated in 2010 from the University of Greenwich with a degree in Fine Art where I had concentrated on figurative images. This lead me to attend life classes and to draw and paint the figures I saw around me. I was inspired by old family albums from the 1940’s and photographs of film actors from the same era . I found working from photographs produced interesting results and provided opportunity to experiment with materials.

I have recently started to produce work about dancers and I am fascinated by the Ballet Russe (1938- 1950) and the artist who designed the ballets such as Leon Bakst and Pablo Picasso. The materials I use are mainly inks, water colours, pencils and waxes. I like to work rapidly to capture movement and flowing lines. I also enjoy making mono-prints using water based ink and an old table top. I like to experiment and use absorbent paper with inks which I find produces interesting and unpredictable results.

I admire the work of The Camden Town Group, and the drawings and paintings of Edgar Degas. Janice Anjo Artist’s Statement 2011