Lorrain Mailer – 27th September to 21st October 2011

Lorrain Mailer – Yellow is a Colour (New Gallery Space)
27th September to 21st October 2011
Open eve: 28th September 7-9pm

Yellow symbolises hope, joy but also fear and warning. This intriguing and poignant collection aims to amuse and provoke you, while challenging you to look at society’s obsession with commercialism and relationships, as you question “the value of things”.

Our civilization lives today, while tomorrow can look after itself. Having abandoned responsibility, we leave a trail of litter and mess. Our remedy is to replace not recycle? Using found, cracked and waste objects in her work, Lorrain questions, “What is the origin of the problem. Is there hope or do we all have our sell by date?” Lorrain Mailer

Originally from a graphics background, Lorrain has been exhibiting for 2 years. Selected in May by Dexter Dalwood (nominated for the Turner prize 2010) for the Creekside Open 2011, she has also exhibited twice in Brick Lane, south east England, Edinburgh, France and the United States.

Lorrain Mailer Contemporary Artist