Fu Ho Lee: English scenes on Chinese paper 18th June to 19th July 2013

Please ring to view 020 8464 5816
Fu Ho Lee: English scenes on Chinese paper
18th June to 19th July 2013
Open eve: 18th June 7-9pm

My inspiration is viewing England through an oriental eye and applying traditional Chinese techniques to present a unique view of England’s architecture, landscape and her beauty.

My work has been shown at Appledore Visual Arts Festival (2008 – 2012), SEOS (2011), Sevenoaks Kaleidoscope Gallery (2011), Pall Mall in London (2011) and The Long Gallery at West Buckland School (2012).

My first visit England was in the summer 1998.  As part of that trip, I came down to the West Country and was drawn by the landscape, quality of light, architecture and history of that part of the world. My work includes pen and ink, silkscreen printing, digital print, watercolour, oil, acrylics, mixed media on rice paper, paper, board, cardboard and canvas.

As well as being an artist, my creative skills have been used in marketing and design for clients such as Orange, Vodafone, Philips, Siemens VDO, AOL, Atos Origin, Johnson & Johnson, Bank of American, Citibank, Standard Chartered Bank, Bank of China etc..

I have worked in many aspects of interior architecture, brand identity, web, prints, marketing, mobile phone and product user interface design. Lucky enough, I have the opportunity to live and worked in Hong Kong, London, The Netherlands, Singapore and Paris since 2000.

07766 44 3402